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Something about us from a little bit of different perspective

Collinsnazzy international Limited, deals in exportation of agricultural commodities, mineral resources, export brokerage, consultancy, forwarding of commodities. Incorporated in 2010 and licensed under the Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC). we take pride in being regarded as one of the most reliable source of commodity supplier, producers and exporters in Africa. We have over 20 years of experience in the business of comoduties production and supply and aim to provide our clients with quality, convenience, reliability and affordability through our premium brands.

Our team at all levels of our production and supply have years of experience, which adds to the credibility of an excellent workforce. This also helps us in cutting down response time, and providing punctual delivery and services at all times. Our goal is to make a positive difference through our services, and build long term relationship with our clients. Our commitment to our clients can be seen by the amount of emphasis we lay on team work, customer support services and making technological upgrades in our production from time to time.

Our experience in the field of production and supply makes us one of the most comprehensive reliable commodity producers,supply and exporters in the country and entire region. And with the help of continuous support and trust of our clients, we aim to stay at the top of the game, and humbly so. We welcome you to our website, and request you to consult with us for the best quality products on all kinds of commodities, and be rest assured of getting it done. We are ever ready to send one or two containers of sample order of our product of your choice which is of highest quality to our propective clients.


Our Mission is >
To create an integrity and quality
platform for the exportation of agricultural
commodities, mineral resources,
and provide the best and genuine
export brokerage.


Our Integrity is >
To give real service that must add
something which cannot be bought or
measured with money.




Collinsnazzy Int LTD
We believe quality doesn’t come by accident but as a result of high intention,
sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution and the wise choice of
many alternatives. Quality is not what happens when what we do match our intentions
but what matches our customers’ expectations.


Collinsnazzy Int LTD
We have learned that success, like happiness,
comes as a by-product of work that’s why we concentrate on the job and allow rewards to come and we feel no pressure
to run up a client’s bill, knowing that any reduction in revenues caused by being efficient will be more than re-compensated by the
reputation earned for being honest and trustworthy.


Collinsnazzy Int LTD
As the world continues to advance,
we are always innovative to keep our
customers miles ahead of their competitors.